Welcome to the FoodCycle family!

We live by our Values. They guide how we work together; how we relate to each other - to our guests, volunteers, partners, suppliers and our community. These Values are at the core of everything we do. They drive our decision- making; they help us with our planning and they guide us in our daily work.

  1. We put people at the heart of what we do.

We are inclusive and welcome everyone; we stimulate discussions; we create connections; we build communities. We establish long-term and rewarding relationships with our guests, our volunteers, our partners, our suppliers, our supporters and our staff.

  1. We make use of resources that already exist

We nurture our planet; we collect surplus food; we use spare local kitchens; we support communities to access available resources. We’re innovative with what already exists and always look to tread gently on our planet.

  1. We give great service to our guests as well as to each other.

We are committed to giving exceptional service to each guest; we provide a welcoming and safe space; we serve nutritious and well-presented food; we constantly re-evaluate our service to better accommodate our guests; each of us takes responsibility to make sure our guest’s experience is an enjoyable one.

We provide the same level of service to our peers as we do our guests so we always encourage positive behavior in ourselves and those we work with. We are respectful, supportive, considerate, and are always willing to go the extra mile for each other.

  1. We do the right thing

We take responsibility; we are proactive and resourceful; we take ownership and are brave in our actions. We are empowered by the creative, hard work and commitment of the FoodCycle family. We thrive for excellence and we keep things simple. Everything we do always focuses on increasing our impacts supporting communities while bringing value to all our stakeholders.

  1. We make it happen

We know there are huge issues that we’re facing and that we can’t change things over night – but we don’t sit on our hands, we get out there, are proactive and positive. We make things happen and, when we’ve made mistakes, we learn from these for the future.

We accept that we can’t go it alone; we love to share and collaborate with others as we work towards a common aim.