Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Why should I volunteer with FoodCycle?

Volunteering with FoodCycle is great fun! You get to learn new skills, meet new people and give back to your community. See what some of our current volunteers say about FoodCycle here. 

2. What type of volunteering can I do with FoodCycle?

You can get involved with a whole host of different activities from cooking, befriend, to marketing and fundraising! Find out more about our volunteer roles here

3. How much time do I need to commit as a volunteer?

If you are a cooking or hosting volunteer we ask you can commit to as much or as little that you want to, as long as you turn up ready to jump in with bags of enthusiasm we are happy. We ask that Project Leaders volunteer at a session at least once a month and attend one Project Leaders meeting a month too. 

4. What training and support will I get?

All our volunteers recieve our volunteer toolkit to equipment with all they need to know for a session! Projects Leaders will receive training in Level 2 Food Safety, and a whole host of other trainings at our annual conference. Once you have signed up to be a volunteer you will also have access to all our volunteer resources giving you tips and tricks to get going at your projects. 

5. What skills will I need?

We look for volunteers who are full of enthusiam, and passion to make a difference. Any specific skills required will be stated on volunteer role role descriptions. 

6. Do I need to be able to cook?

No. You just need to wash your hands, put on an apron and get ready to get involved. If cooking really isn't your thing become a hosting volunteer, which involve you sitting down and having a chat with our guests. 

7. Will I need a DBS check?

You will only need a DBS check if you are applying to be a Project Leader. If you are just signing up to be a regualr volunteer with us you dont need one, however you will be asked to select a box as part of your registration indicating that you do not have any criminal convictions that would prohibit you working with adults at risk or children. 

8. I am disabled, can I volunteer?

All our projects are run entirely by volunteers, so that we know that your needs are being met at the venue you want to volunteer at please give us a call on 02077292775 

9. Will volunteering with FoodCycle effect my benefits?

No. If you are claiming benefits volunteering will not affect the money you get, and you can volunteer for as many hours as you'd like. You should, however, tell your benefits advisor that you are volunteering.

10. I work full-time can I volunteer?

Yes! Our projects around the country cook on different days and at different times, this means that whatever your commitments there is a probably a Project that can cater for you. 

11. Does FoodCycle pay expenses?

Yes! We cover travel expenses for up to £15 worth of travel - more details about this are available when you've registered to become a volunteer.